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Free Gold Charts

Live Charts

Our charts can be requested directly for direct inclusion into your website with a variety of customizable attributes such as size, color scheme and font. All commodity prices are in ounces so use the multiplier argument if other units are required.



Example 1

E.g. to get a 320x240 green chart of the gold price in USD in 2015 on a black background, use the following request:

/chart.jpg?commod1=Gold&commod2=USD&date1=1/Jan/2015&date2=31/Dec/2015&width=320&height=240&bgcolor=000000&fgcolor=00FF00&lncolor=CCCCCC&lncolor1=333333&fontName=Lucidia Console

Example 2

E.g. to get a 320x240 default coloured chart of the silver price in GBP over the past 30 days you'd call: